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The brain child of Gazala Aslam, Equanimity Education combines the quirky idea of combining education with healthy eating. Her classes cover various subjects, whilst serving up nutritional food to her students of assorted ages.

Gazala came to Daredevil upon the start of her venture and needed a logo to promote her business. It needed to visually represent the idea behind her classes and also strike a chord with her potential students and their parents. I was certainly up for the challenge.

"All the designs received a warm reception and it was decided that the logo design based around balance was the best direction."


Gazala had involvement in the logo design right from the start, helping shape the first four initial concepts. These each had their own idea behind them and were based around Calligraphy, Growth, Balance and a Rainbow.

All the designs received a warm reception and it was decided that the logo design based around balance was the best direction. This used the word Equanimity with the letter 'a' replaced with a set of scales. On the scales were an owl to represent learning and strawberries and grapes for healthy eating. But Gazala felt that an owl, perhaps wasn't the best suited character. After discussing options, we tried a star and book worm – with the star being triumphant. We felt it was more generic and kid friendly. To finish we replaced the fruit with a single apple and some books to finish it off.


This project is a great example of a perfect client and designer relationship. Gazala had involvement of the process right from the start until the finished design. We both had creative input and this not only helped the project run smoothly, but it also made it extremely enjoyable. Compromise meant that we included elements that we both thought would look great. At the end of the project Gazala had all the digital files she needed, as well as a few extra.


Business Owner At Equanimity Education

Superlative service! It is rare to find someone who not only listens to your requirements but is also able to manifest the vision in a delightful design-conclusion! Thank you Sean!

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