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I love a good amount of quirky, bold and glamorous. So when Norman from Ruby Studios contacted Daredevil to create their new branding, I got rather excited. Why?

His studio creates fun and lively portraits for family, couples, pets, weddings and also runs a separate off-shoot for boudoir photography. The latter, specialising in beautiful, cheeky and saucily tasteful photos. His years of experience truly show in his portfolio of work.

Previously the company was known as Rubenis Photography and Norman wanted to change the name to something easier to remember, – 'Ruby Studios'. Just one problem. Norman had ideas for his new branding but had no idea how to put it onto paper.


He had already tried using the online service Fiver.com and found that the designer was way off the mark with what he wanted and so he went to find a graphic designer that was more local.

To begin, he wasn't really sure of all the aspects of the design. However he did have an idea of using a jewel to represent the Ruby part of his name. He wanted his logo to be contemporary, high-end and include red as a colour.

"I’d thoroughly recommend Daredevil Creative for anyone looking to rebrand or designs for printing etc."

I made sure I took all of his details and requirements – giving me all of the information I needed to start the design process for his logo. Gaining a true understanding of his business allowed me make sure that the design process went smoothly and that the design concepts I produced would appeal to his target audience.


For the first few concepts for his logo design, I experimented with different colours, fonts and use of the initials 'RS'. I purchased specific fonts to use and illustrated the ruby shape to create a bespoke design.

Norman decided that he preferred the version with his initials. But being the perfectionist that he is, he wanted to refine the ruby shape and spacing of the lettering. None of which was as problem.

I refined the changes into the final version, which Norman stated was 'absolutely perfect'. Delivering  the impact and prestige that he wanted to achieve.

What do you think? Take a look at other work in my logo design portfolio page. Or take a look at my logo services page.


Business Owner Ruby Studios Photography

The way Sean dealt with the whole process was very professional and efficient. One thing that really impressed me was the way his designs were presented, a very stylish PDF document with my logos on a variety of surfaces and materials. This really helped me to visualise how the finished logo could look.

I’d thoroughly recommend Daredevil Creative for anyone looking to rebrand or designs for printing etc.

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