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Solomon came to me one summer afternoon, with a bag full of goodies. Game cards, boxes, spinners, a game board and a collection of print-outs. It was very apparent that he already had a vision for what he wanted to set out to create.

The Mentor is a board game based around goal setting. It's very cleverly thought-out and every last detail has been created to make your time playing a rewarding experience.

Solomon is a fascinating man, brimming with passion, ideas and the desire to share it with others. You could say that is what partially what lead him to the concept for Winning Thinking, along with his background in leadership and management development.

"Solomon came to me one summer afternoon, with a bag full of goodies."


The game-board itself began life a very different shape, it was square and had a primary colour palette. I took the very bold decision to change to a circular shape and revise a lot of the elements of the design. Choosing a vibrant colour scheme and purchasing fonts especially for the project.

At first Solomon didn't know if he liked the changes, but after resting on it – he began to love the new art direction!

The game-board was extremely complicated and went through a number of design revisions to reach the high level of detail that you see in the final version.

All the brand design was discussed and developed with Solomon, right down to colours, fonts and even a name change in the later stages of the design. Originally the game was going to be called Winning Thinking, but Solomon felt that 'The Mentor' was more positive and descriptive of the purpose of the game. It was nice to lend a helping hand to the final name choice.

The logo design incorporates a visual nod to the game-board, whilst keeping a stylish, smart look and feel.


There were a lot of elements to the final game. The box, playing cards, instruction booklet, logo and the game board itself which was double sided. Every design element carefully thought out for each. There was even a worksheet that went through a number of design revisions.

The game has received positive feedback from test group sessions and Solomon continues to push the game out to his target audience. It was a pleasure to work with Solomon, on such an exciting and interesting project.

I have employed Sean's services to create and print a coaching tool in the form of a boardgame.

The final product is of excellent quality, delivered on time and at a very reasonable cost. Very proud of what we have achieved.


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