Annabel Kikki Website Design

If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired, head over to who, at age 13 years, didn’t let her leg amputation following serious illness stop her from being an athlete, model and vlogger! There’s a message there for all of us.


Annabel Kikki


Website Design

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Research and planning

Annabel was seeking an easy to use blog-style website where she could chart her ups and downs of life, including her travel blog and adventures in diversity modelling and athletics. I couldn’t wait to work with her!

design and development

Using her existing established personal brand as the basis, we emphasised the bold colours and outgoing personality that Annabel embodies by bringing this to life in her new website design.

The website header incorporates faded elements to mimic her logo, and we added texture and a marble effect to the background to ensure the overall look didn’t feel flat.
To give a nod to her travelling adventures, we used Polaroid style imagery throughout the site design and interspersed these with full screen, impactful images of her in ‘model-mode’.

The different scrollable sections of the home page in particular were divided by strong colour blocks to guide users through core content.

the result

To quote Annabel’s Mom, “She is smiling from ear to ear. It’s wonderful! So absolutely wonderful!! She’s so excited. You’re very talented pretty much making something fantastic out of nothing. It’s just perfect and gives her so much motivation to fill those pages!”

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