Cannock Chase Knits Together Branding

Cannock Chase Knits Together is a community initiative addressing the challenges brought on by the cost-of-living crisis, isolation, and fuel poverty.

The project aims to distribute knitting packs, host community workshops, provide online tutorials, and establish collection boxes, all centered around knitting. Its target audience includes vulnerable residents, community groups, young people, and local knitting enthusiasts.


Cannock Chase Council, IHL



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Research and planning

The campaign brand underwent several developmental stages. Collaborating with the Cannock Chase Council and IHL team, I initiated the process by curating a Pinterest board for research.

This resource served as a dynamic repository for both myself and the client, encompassing colour palettes and visual inspiration to stimulate ongoing discussions and creative brainstorming.

design and development

Imagine the client and I started off on a wild creative adventure, brainstorming a logo. We toyed with the idea of a deer with tail-made ‘Cannock Chase Knits Together’ text – cute, right? But, plot twist! We realised it looked a bit off. So, I threw in the suggestion of a whimsical ball of yarn with text below. It clicked – perfect balance and a direct knitting connection!

I then mixed fonts like a mad scientist – a friendly, chubby one and a skinny, mischievous one. The result? The perfect tone for kids and grown-ups alike.

And, the icing on the cake: adorable knitting illustrations and a custom knitting border. It’s like sprinkles on a cupcake!

Now, here’s where I played the colour magician. Instead of using colours from another project, I took a subtler route. A dash of pink, a pinch of purple, and a smidge of teal – it’s a vibrant, youthful, and all-around happy brand concoction

the result

The brand’s all dressed up and partying on promotional materials! We’re talking brand design, postcards, tags, posters, a nifty postage box for knitting donations, knitting sheets, and even a little booklet for our lovely local residents. It’s a whole brand bonanza!

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