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I’m excited to present a captivating case study that unveils the dynamic journey of revitalizing the brand identity of Capture 24 Photography. As the graphic designer behind this transformative project, I had the privilege of collaborating with the client to breathe new life into their brand and prepare it for a future of growth and innovation.


Capture 24 Photography



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Research and planning

Capture 24 Photography, with a successful five-year track record, approached me seeking a brand overhaul. The client’s initial fun and playful birdie logo had served its purpose, but it was time to adapt to their evolving direction. This case study highlights the strategic steps taken to rejuvenate their brand and set the stage for a new chapter.

design and development

Despite the client’s graphic design background, they recognised the value of an external perspective. My journey with Capture 24 Photography began with an in-depth exploration of their business, values, target audience, and aspirations. This intensive dialogue provided the foundation upon which we would build their refreshed brand identity.

Armed with the insights from our discussions, I embarked on the creative process of reimagining Capture 24 Photography’s identity. It was intriguing to navigate the challenge of incorporating a camera into the logo, something the client initially hesitated about.

Through thoughtful design and iteration, I arrived at a concept that blended innovation, visual appeal, and relevance to their craft.

the result

The collaboration between Capture 24 Photography and myself is a testament to the potential of merging creative expertise and client insight.

This case study showcases how a collaborative effort can reimagine a brand, resulting in an identity that is fresh, captivating, and forward-looking. With a logo that ingeniously incorporates their craft, a harmonious colour palette, and typography that speaks volumes, I am thrilled to witness Capture 24 Photography’s evolution as they step confidently into 2023.

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