Elm Coaching Branding

Elm Coaching & Mentoring helps individuals, teams and organisations achieve results through connectivity and collaboration to maximise their potential. And it was results the owner wanted when she approached me to design her new branding.


Elm Coaching



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Research and planning

Elm Coaching helps people to reach their full potential by achieving their goals in life and in work. The owner, Michelle, is very ethical and cares for the environment and wanted this to shine through in her branding. It was therefore a natural creative journey to take her ethos and company name and incorporate trees into the new brand design.

design and development

Steered by the company name – Elm – I cultivated the brand around a natural tree which relates so well to coaching as it’s a symbol of growth. Each tip of a tree branch sprouts new growth and over time the tree grows taller and spreads wider, supported by growth at its roots. This growth is the focus for how Elm Coaching & Mentoring support their clients.

As Michelle enjoys interacting with people, I developed the elm tree idea further and incorporated a face as part of the tree’s branches. At first you don’t notice it – but look again. In addition, the colours selected for use within the brand were earthy tones which complement the use of grey and black in the company name, providing an overall calming effect

the result

In addition to a new brand, Michelle required a new set of stationery. The business card design was kept clean and simple. The logo took centre stage on the front of the card, with a focus on the tree face on the reverse alongside contact details. The brand was further utilised as part of the design of their website.

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