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Melting Ice Cubes

We were very excited to be involved with Melting IceCubes – an online community that helps people find quality information about health issues with the chance to connect with people who share similar challenges.

What’s unique about Melting IceCubes is that it provides people with a 360-degree view of a health challenge offering information, support and connections. We worked closely with Molvia, the driving force behind the concept, to create a brand that would embody this. 

Taking inspiration from the three strands of help, support and advice, we created a logo that visually captured their ethos. As you can see the three ‘people’ not only depict the letter ‘m’ but are also being supportive with arms enveloping around each other.

We also created the design concepts for the development of the website which would front a pretty spectacular database of content, creating eye-catching visual graphics for different elements of the site including Podcasts & Films, Letter Templates, Campaigns, Future of Health and more. You can view the site here.

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