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The Hive

How do you make a new networking group stand out from the crowd? With a stylish and vibrant brand and suite of materials of course.

The Hive is an organic, vibrant movement dedicated to creating a supportive business community within Cannock and the surrounding area. With regular meetings (at different times and places to suit members), the Hive does business in a relaxed, friendly way. It’s about building relationships that last.

Taking inspiration from the name, we created a logo that typified the Hive’s ethos. We deliberated over choosing just the right topography and colours to accentuate the sociable, relaxed and fun nature of the group. We’re delighted with the look…and so is the Hive colony!

We created Hive coasters (leaflets which look like honeycomb) and added a suite of materials such as a website, business cards, social media graphics and more. And we used the bee theme within content of the new website too; queen bee, busy bee, honey bee and worker bee. You can view the site here.

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