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Uniwellbeing Ninja Animation

UniWellBeing is a health technology company that specialises in student wellbeing.

Read our case study (link) to see how we’ve been involved with the branding and promotional materials since its conception.

The digital platform is designed to provide early intervention and support the wellbeing and mental health of students whilst at University, delivering behaviour, tools and activity personalised for the individual student.

Our creatives therefore needed to not only be eye catching for users, but also provide a balance with portraying care and support.

We had fun (can you have too much fun?) creating additional animations for the UniWellBeing App interface.

An animated Ninja character was developed which guides users through the coaching area of the App and pops up within videos.

If you’re looking for a ninja graphic designer, why not get in touch with us?

Sean is not your average designer. I've been using Sean for over 10 years and his designs have always impressed. He's done app designs, websites, print materials and now he's doing animated characters. Top guy can't recommend him enough.

Hugh Griffiths

CEO at Uniwellbeing

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