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Campus Coach, by the Agile Professional Group, helps to reduce the pressure on student support teams that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) with a conversational user interface (UI) in an app that students can trust.

Daredevil Creative was very excited to be part of this project and we had some mind blowing ideas for how to create a visual logo for the app interface that would stand out from competitors. 

After working through a few concepts, the preferred design was based around the letters C and AI and incorporated visual elements that depict how the nodes in a brain work and the connectivity between them. Clever eh?

The impactful design uses the rounded Sofia Pro Soft font which gives a geometric element and has versatile styles. And as you know we like colour, we incorporated a strong colour palette as the app aimed is at students. 

If you’re looking for a stand-out graphic designer, why not get in touch with Daredevil Creative?

Sean takes the time to understand business needs and end user perspective. Having worked with Sean for several years, he never ceases to surprise us with his creative artwork and designs. We would highly recommend him.

Satwinder Dhanjal

Agile Professional Group

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