Wall Art PWC Birmingham - Daredevil


Wall Art PWC Birmingham

A leading professional services firm who moved to a land-mark home at PWC in Birmingham, needed a bold piece of internal artwork to reflect the amazing 172,000 sq ft office space and the diverse industrial heritage of the region. 

Working with a local sign contractor HNS signs, we used the content of a spoken poem called ‘Midlander’ by Birmingham based writer Casey Bailey which was to be hand painted across a huge rough concrete wall in a communal area on the sixth floor of the building.  

The selection of font, style, size, colour and layout of the three paragraphs of the poem were designed to emphasise key words – and adding a touch of gold leaf on a selection of letters gave an extra eye-popping design feature.

This feature wall forms a unique piece of artwork within an unrivalled environment for staff, clients and visitors and pushes the boundary of how you can design office space. 

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